jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

"She did not want to leave her friends side"

By Darcy Miller

The Apathy of Mankind has sometimes become unbearable and intolerable, the story... below narrated by the stranger that was kind enough to actually stop and help the poor Black Lab instead of standing on the side, gawking,taking pictures and videos clearly shows a heart broken dog that feels pain, confusion, lost and sorrow. It is I believe all of Rescues dream that one day Mans Compassion and Empathy will outweigh his Apathy for Gods Creatures! To the Man that stepped up and helped this scared, lost dog, I salute you for you are a Hero and you chose to take a stand!! Below is Eric's account of what happened first hand! Please share and network this story far and wide as We are their Shield and Their Voice and without us, they don't stand a chance!

April 11, 2012 at approx. 9:45 AM

I was driving south bound on Hacienda Blvd between Maplegrove & Fairgrove Ave. in the City of La Puente. Right in front of Ace hardware store which is on the east side of the street, I encountered a horrible scene. A Large tan dog lay motionless on the northbound slow lane of Hacienda Blvd. While a small black dog lay right beside it. Hacienda Blvd is a very busy street and I noticed cars slamming their breaks and swerving out of the way to avoid hitting the dogs. As this was happening people started to gather taking pictures and video without doing anything to help. I stopped, turned on my flashing lights, and proceeded to block the turn lane. I placed cones blocking the slow lane the dogs laid on. Animal Control was called and was on route to the scene.

The big tan dog which looked to be a Lab/Shepard mix lay dead with a severe head wound; the small black Lab laid crying and shivering. As I approach slowly and calmly, there wasn't any sign of aggression, or even threat. The black Lab allowed me to approach her; the dogs did not have any kind of collars to identify owners.

Two Sheriff Deputies drive by me as I lay on my knees keeping the dog calm, without even stopping to help. The Third Deputy actually turns into the adjacent parking lot sits in his patrol car, and sparks a very humorous conversation with people standing around recording this event.

Finally! Officer Perez (La County animal control) with his trainee arrives on scene to retrieve the two dogs. As, Officer Perez tries to lasso the black Lab, the dog ran away. Then came back again and lay down next to her fallen buddy. Officer Perez slowly places a rope around the dog's neck.

I asked him where he was taking the dog, he told Baldwin Park.

I am seeing her on Saturday to eval her.

There may possibly be a rescue group interested in her but not 100% on that, for now please network her in honor of her beloved friend that was killed right in front of her, she did not want to leave her friends side.


Impound Number: A4416170



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