jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Seal Survivor

ORIGINAL: Humane Society

Make your emergency gift to protect seals
This seal's name is Survivor—he was one of the lucky ones who escaped the brutal seal hunt—but thousands of other baby seals are being slaughtered off the coast of Newfoundland—shot, stabbed, skinned—all for their fur.

Despite the fact that global markets for seal skins are closing for good, a provincial Canadian government paid $3.6 million to stockpile seal skins from this year's slaughter. Please, help stop the killing once and for all by making an emergency donation to protect seals.

Your gift today keeps us on the ice so we can report on the fate of these beautiful animals -- like Survivor -- and it will keep us fighting all year long to finally end the slaughter.

We can't do it without you. Please make an emergency donation to protect seals today using the secure form below.

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