martes, 17 de enero de 2012

Say No to New Lease Sales in the U.S... Oceans North: Protecting Life in the Arctic


The U.S. Arctic Ocean may be remote and have extreme weather, but it plays a critical role in supporting coastal communities and many remarkable species, including 
  • bowhead whales, 
  • ice seals, 
  • walrus, and 
  • polar bears. 
The Department of the Interior (DOI) recently released its plans for new oil and gas lease sales in this vulnerable area, even though 3.8 million acres are already leased offshore.

Tell DOI it should not include new lease sales in the U.S. Arctic Ocean until:

  • the large gaps in our understanding of the Arctic marine ecosystem identified by USGS are filled;
  • biological hot spots and subsistence use areas are identified and excluded from the leasing program; and
  • oil spill containment and response equipment is tested and proved to work in extreme Arctic conditions, including broken ice.

You can help protect the Arctic Ocean! Please send a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and tell him that, without a science plan, protection of important areas, and infrastructure and technology to support a major spill response effort, DOI should not offer more of the U.S. Arctic Ocean for sale.

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