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Tell Hong Kong Airlines: No more live dolphin shipments!

ORIGINAL: HumaneSociety

The capture and trade of live dolphins for captive display is strongly opposed by the general public. Yet in January 2012, Hong Kong Airlines cashed in on a deal to fly five dolphins from Japan to Vietnam to be displayed in dolphinariums – for a paying public’s amusement. Most likely, these animals were taken during the brutal slaughter known as drive hunts that occur in Japan, The cruelty was featured in the 2009 Oscar winning documentary The Cove. More than 1,200 dolphins were killed in the 2010-2011 hunting season, and at least 150 were set aside alive, destined for a life in captivity.

The capture, transport, and lifelong confinement of wild dolphins pose severe welfare and conservation concerns. The potential for harmful mental and physical effects is incredibly high, such as stress-induced illness and premature death. Additionally, the removal of these marine mammals from the wild presents a threat to the continued survival of some populations.

Hong Kong Airlines has indicated that this shipment was not a one-off deal – it means to continue this lucrative and highly controversial business of transporting live dolphins. Please send a message today and urge the president of Hong Kong Airlines to enact a corporate policy to end any future shipments of live dolphins.

Thank you for speaking out for animals.  

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