viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Meet Vera Rubin, Proved the existance of Dark Matter - Rejected From Princeton for Being a Woman

Friday 28 June 2013.

Vera Rubin graduated from Vassar College with a BA, wasn’t allowed into Princeton to do her PhD because “women weren’t allowed” into their astronomy department so went to Cornell University instead. While doing her PhD she discovered “clumping” of galaxies in the universe – i.e. that galaxies might be rotating around centres, and not as the Big Bang Theory, suggests just moving outwards. However, it took two decades before anyone took this seriously and today it is generally accepted as fact.

Years later, she became the first woman hired at the Carnegie Institute DTM and worked with Kent Ford. Based on the ideas of Fritz Zwicky they found that all the galaxies in the universe - at the centre and at the edge - were moving at the same speed so realised there must be something there contributing to the gravitational pull of the universe, or else the universe should’ve been flying apart. In other words, the first evidence for dark matter – the invisible substance holding the universe together.

If you really have something you want to do — and it surely doesn’t have to be astronomy — and you really think that it’s worth doing, you should go ahead and do it." - Vera Rubin

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