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A solar powered self-sustaining home - isolee by tjep

ORIGINAL: DesignBoom

dwelling is self-sustaining, running on solar energy collected via its rooftop
An ecologically friendly getaway - an escape from the reality of our busy days - 'isolée' is a small dwelling which combines smart technology with attention to detail, offering one a quaint retreat which has little impact on the environment.

Conceived by frank tjepkema of tjep, the intelligent house ensures minimal fuel reliance. From its exterior, a solar tree of circular photovoltaic panels extends from the rooftop, each following the movement of the sun throughout the course of the day to maximize absorption. the massive shutters which span the length of the building, are fastened to the main body of the structure via hinges equipped with electrical motors. the solar energy generated from the cabin is used to operate this computer controlled network, angling the louvered panels to the inhabitants liking, automatically closing when a storm approaches.

first floor entry where one is immediately invited into the living room

A wood burning stove is built into a cavity in the side of the house, and can be accessed from both the exterior and interior - with wood storage located on the outside, easily reached from the living room. a heating system - also electrically powered through the collected solar energy - is integrated into the structure, warming the interior using the heat which is emitted from the stove. all of the LED lighting within runs on rechargeable batteries, with water being the only external supply required by the house, drawn from a well.

the kitchen is built around the stairwell which diagonally intersects the interior
Composed of three levels, a stairwell cuts diagonally across the height of the home, connecting each floor. at the first floor entry, one is welcomed by the living room; the second floor houses the kitchen and dining area; the third and last floor functioning as a bedroom, with a bathroom and walkout terrace. employing a minimal product design ethos, the entire structure is secured to the ground at only four points, much like a piece of furniture.

the third floor bedroom has a hidden bathroom and walkout terrace
'I was curious to see what would happen if you gave a house the same sort of detailed design that’s found in all sorts of products we use every day. the cars we drive, the computers and tablets we use, the smartphones – all sophisticated, aesthetically sound objects. and then we go home, where we’re surrounded by a stack of bricks.' - frank tjepkema

large expansive shutters are electrically powered to angle at the inhabitant's desired position
wood storage is located on the exterior, with direct access to the supply from the first floor living room

worm's-eye perspective

exploded view of the dwelling
concept sketches

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