viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

JARA-BRAIN Women Scientists are "Excellent"


Excellent science will be intensively supported at RWTH Aachen University. (Foto: Shutterstock).

In the second phase of the Excellence Initiative, RWTH Aachen University is providing a wide range of funding opportunities for scientists. Applications from no less than three JARA-BRAIN women scientists were successful in an internal university selection procedure. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ute Habel, head of the teaching and research area of Neuropsychological Gender Studies, was awarded the title of RWTH Fellow and will receive € 50,000 for her research project "Predictors of Successful Scientific Careers for Women and Men".

The aim of the study is to identify neural factors and behaviours that are beneficial for the scientific careers of men and women. To this end, women and men in leading scientific positions and also a corresponding number of persons at a preliminary stage of their scientific careers, such as postdocs, will be examined with respect to their sensitivity to stress in their behaviour and their cerebral activation patterns, and compared with each other.

"Train your Brain" – EEG-Neurofeedback Training for Depression

The JARA-BRAIN junior professor Dr. Birgit Derntl made a positive impression on the reviewers in the RWTH Start-Up Programme. Her application "Train your Brain – localized EEG neurofeedback as a new opportunity for intervention in depression" will receive funding of € 20,000. EEG neurofeedback training aims to influence the brain activity of people suffering from depression in such a way that their perception, attention and behaviour will be positively affected. In order to monitor the changes in the brain brought about by EEG neurofeedback training, fMRI images will be used for the first time before and after training.

Innovative e-learning video project on the topic of psychiatric diseases PD Dr. Irene Neuner, who works as a senior physician at University Hospital Aachen's Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, and also conducts research at Forschungszentrum Jülich, was awarded the title RWTH Lecturer for her innovative teaching and research activities. The projects she has initiated include an e-learning video project on the topic of psychiatric diseases and a study course on psychiatry introduced as part of the Aachen model course for medical students. Irene Neuner is also jointly responsible for the hospital's mentoring programme for interns. The title of RWTH Lecturer also includes funding of € 15,000 for future project

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