domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

URBAN SPACE STATION. Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid 2008

ORIGINAL: Urban Space Station
By Natalie Jeremijenko and Angel Borego Cubbero.
from Cesar Harada

Urban Space Station Sofia, MadridBy

The Urban Space Station is an open urban agriculture and parasite architecture project. Its objective is to enhance life quaility (air, water, temperature, food, waste, social cohesion...) in cities and in outer space mission by complementing human existence with fauna and flora.

This USS is the first prototype at ~40% of the "real one" designed by Natalie Jeremijenko (NYU) and Angel Borrego (OSS), performed by Cesar Harada (RCA).

You will find complete documentation about the open source project on our website :
Please contribute and feel free to use and modify the design.

A film by Cesar Harada :

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