miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Washit: A water conserving washer in which you can shower too!

ORIGINAL: Ecochunk

According to statistics a five minute shower could cost you up to 20 gallons of water and your washer could consume anywhere around 24 gallons of water to launder clothes. While you might consider yourself lucky enough to have amenities like these at your disposal, somewhere in Rural Africa someone might have to travel for hours to get that much water for basic needs such as cooking and drinking. To help balance the water consumption at your home a team of four Turkish University students have conceptualized the Washit – a shower unit with an integrated front-loading washing machine.
The unique aspect of the design is that it doesn’t require fresh water for all processes, rather, it captures water whenever you shower and pass it through a series of three water filters – carbon, organic and chemical. After this, water is again sent to a UV cleaning phase to completely purify it. Purified water is then stored for further showering or washing clothes. The idea seems practical enough considering the fact that the amount of water an unregulated shower head throws on you is quite similar to what a front loading washing machine requires.

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