martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

A Car That Runs On Air: The Future Is Here?

ORIGINAL: DesignTaxi
17 Aug 2012

In an effort to debunk tradition and reduce the use of the world’s oil supply—Indian auto manufacturers Tata Motors has planned to release a car powered by compressed air

Called the ‘Tata Airpod’, the tiny car’s engine works by extracting air pressure from its 175-liter tank—and does not contribute to air pollution. 

Using technology developed by MDI, the car’s tank can be refilled through a charging station, or take in air while driving with the help of its electric engine—for a full tank, it takes two minutes to refill. 

The Tata AirPod is able to travel at a top speed of 28 to 43 mph (45 to 70 kmh)—and travels up to 200km on a full tank. 

As of now, the car will only be commercially available in the near future. 

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