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Huge underground Water reserve in Kenya

ORIGINAL: My Science Academy

Image © UNESCO
Scientists using satellite, radar and geological technology, have found in Kenya a very large underground water reserve, that it could meet the country’s water needs for the next 70 years.

According to the scientists Kenya’s underground layer of water contains 200 billion cubic meters of fresh water.

The aquifer is about 100 km by 66 km and has a surface area of 4,164 km2.

Abou Amani from UNESCO, said:

We now have a tool that could not only help Kenya, but it could help other countries facing the issues of water scarcity.

I’m not saying this could solve all of the problems because from finding water to providing water to the population is another step because we need to have investment, we need to put in place infrastructure and so on.
But we have seen the system and the fact water is there, and that is extremely important and it could be a game changer within the country.

Image © UNESCO
The Lotikipi aquifer is much larger than the other four discovered in north west Kenya.

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Source: Worldlesstech

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