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Urban Barns | Farming of the future

Photo by Urban Barns
Our Story
We are an innovative Canadian food producer dedicated to growing consistent, healthy, and fresh vegetables year round. Grown in a completely controlled environment, our produce is grown from non-GMO seeds and free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Controlled environment means no contact with the outside world, eliminating the possibilities of contamination and infection. With careful consideration for food traceability, sustainability, and of course, taste, our produce is picked at the peak of ripeness, ensuring luscious plate ready food every time. We redefine what it means to be truly local and fresh.

The world's first commercial Cubic Farm™ opened in June 2014 in Mirabel, Quebec. 

Photo by Urban Barns
What Makes Us Different
Photo by Urban Barns
  • Cutting edge LED technology.
  • 24/7 and 365 days in production regardless of pests, disease or extreme weather.
  • 100% controlled environment for maximized production and food safety.
  • Lower labour costs with yields up to 400 times more than conventional farming.
  • 94% less water-usage than conventional farming methods.
  • Ability to locate and grow anywhere in the world. From the Arctic to the Sahara.
  • Our Cubic Farming™ machines maximize any growing space in any sized building.
  • Off-grid facilities using solar panels, wind turbines and dehumidification systems.
  • Local = fresh.
  • Low carbon footprint. No long-haul shipping.
  • Higher nutritional values than conventional produce.
  • Guaranteed pricing and product consistency.
  • Strong R&D team with McGill University’s Bioresource Engineering Department.
  • No GMOs or pesticides.
  • Endless customization. We can easily grow thousands of varieties.
Urban Barns Foods says it's the future of agriculture. The company is growing food indoors, with an emphasis on efficiency and volume.

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