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Crazy Jumping Fish in River – Fishing Made Easy!

In the 1970s, silver carp are accidentally introduced to American waters after skipping from a fishpond.

Silver carp were imported to North America from Asia in an attempt to combat and control the algae growth in southern cat fish farms. But large floods washed the silver carp into the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. They now outnumbered local fish in the scale of 10:1.

But these fish has bizarre behavior that makes fishing so easy – when a boat motor reaches a certain frequency, silver carp will get frightened and will jump out of the water as seen on the video above. Due to large in number, they will display an amazing jumping fish phenomenon. Not fatal but they can hurt boaters as they can grow and weigh up 100 lbs.

ORIGINAL: My Amazing Earth
by basti
August 18, 2012

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