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New Galactic Unite scholarships launched for young women

ORIGINAL: Virgin Galactic
apr 26, 2013

Galactic Unite have just launched three new female-focused scholarships, which are now open today to applications.

Galactic Unite, which hosts both scholarship and mentor programs, was created in partnership with Virgin Unite and Virgin Galactic from a desire by Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts to channel their energy and resources to achieve positive change in the world.

The ‘Bytheway’, Brightman and Virginia Rudnicki Scholarships are a series of brand new scholarships secured by Virgin Galactic and Virgin Unite, and managed through a partnership with UNCF, the nations’s largest provider of minority scholarships.

Galactic Unite has been inspired and driven by the amazing international community of Virgin Galactic's future astronauts. As a group of pioneers, they are already helping lifelong learning and industry development to take shape. It is extremely exciting to see they are also combining their resources to act as a force for good," commented Richard Branson.

Visit Virgin Unite’s website for more information on each scholarship and how to apply.

Please note that the application deadline for the 2013/14 academic year is May 31, 2013

By Hannah Mahony. Social engagement executive, Virgin Group Digital. Tweets@hannahmahony

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