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Belo Monte - Anuncio de una Guerra


The Construction of Belo Monte Dam is one of the most controversial developments ever seen in the Brazilian history. The issues raised by its construction go beyond environmental, cultural and social impacts. The approval of a gigantic development in the hearth of the Amazon forest, amongst precious indigenous nation’s territory has raised alarming concerns. The lack of studies and uncertainties towards the eminent catastrophic outcomes put an obscure perspective against Brazilian government energy generation that aims to transform the Amazon on a hydrologic dam yard.

The independent film making company Cinedelia has taken the challenge of producing with its own resources the most detail documentation ever made about the Belo Monte hydrologic dam construction.

In the last two years, Cinedelia has done 3 expeditions to the Xingu river basin, where produced over 120 hours of footage including Altamira, Brasília and São Paulo. Cinedelia has also made 87 interviews with people involved on decision making, studies, affected community and indigenous communities about the construction of Belo Monte dam.

Cinedelia’s documentation team has done exhaustive research in the controversial decision making process leading to approval of construction of Belo Monte. The vertical decision making process that excluded environmental studies, economic studies, human rights, indigenous nation’s leaders concerns and causing revolt to the Brazilian society.

Cinedelia aims to raise R$ 114 thousand reais in 30 days to finalize the film in digital format. It seems like a lot of money, but in reality it is not enough to take the film to cinema theaters. Our goal is to release the film on the Internet and make it available to the world the highlights of the documentation made on the last 2 years.

The Crowd funding is the only mechanism Cinedelia has to finalize the pos production of this precious documentary “Belo Monte – Announcement of a War”.

As an independent production this feature documentary has the commitment with the truth and aims to show the Brazilian Society and the world the facts behind the scenes of the controversial construction of Belo Monte hydrological dam.

The funds raised will be invested on the pos production of Belo Monte – Announcement of a War” allowing Cinedelia to publish the film in digital format making it available to the world in time to allow the society to see the reality ridden from the public, before it is too late to take action.

Please feel free to check the film detailed budget, available here.

We from Cinedelia have founded this project with our own resources because we truly believe that together we can make a difference. With your support we get stronger and closer to achieve our goal. Help us to finalize this film and give visibility to the truth gathering more support from people like you across the globe.

By making a donation you become part of this project to help stop Belo Monte Dam and start a serious discussion about alternative forms of generating energy in Brazil.

If you are not in Brazil, email us to belomonteofilme@gmail.com and we will explain the donation reward system.


Twitter: @belomonteofilme

Director: André D’Elia
Executive Producers: Beatriz Vilela, Francisco D’Elia
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Levy Piza, Federico Dueñas
Sound directors: Téo Villa, Diego Depane
Graphic Designer: Federico Dueñas
Editor: Mauro Moreira
Assistant Editor: André Souza
Communication and Mobilization: Caio Tendolini, Daniel Joppert, Digo Castello and Mundano

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