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Home Aquaponics Kit: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food

ORIGINAL: Kickstarter
by Nikhil & Alejandro

The Aquaponics Garden: an elegant table-top fish tank that cleans itself & grows fresh food at the same time. A closed-loop ecosystem!

Launched: Nov 15, 2012
Funding ends: Dec 15, 2012

Check out this recent article from GOOD Magazine on this campaign!

Grow fresh produce right in the comfort of your own home - beans, basil, thyme, baby greens, oregano, mint, parsley, spinach and so many other delicious foods!

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Perfect for the classroom!
A Beautifully Simple & Closed-Loop Ecosystem Right on Your Table
An elegant table-top experience
Fun for families!
Great for classrooms and science projects

So What's Happening Inside?
Aquaponics Garden

So what's happening? The fish, they poo and they pee, and all that waste-water gets broken down by beneficial bacteria into nutrients

The waste-water from the fish is then pumped up & upcycled as an awesome organic fertilizer for the plants. The plants take up the nutrients and, at the same time, clean the water which then falls back down for the fish.

There is no soil - the plants are growing just on rocks - all the nutrients coming from the fish (no need for any artificial fertilizers - it's all organic!!)

There is no need to clean the water because of the plants - it's a self-cleaning fish tank!

What Can I Grow?

Choose from a variety of fresh produce, including spinach, baby greens, oregano, beans, basil, mint, parsley & thyme.

Harvesting Basil_Aquaponics Garden
All You Have to Do is Feed Your Fish

You can pick from a ton of different types of fish that will work great in the system - including our favorite, the Betta fish we have pictured in our system!
Feeding Fish_Aquaponics Garden
What Comes With My Aquaponics Garden?

Each Aquaponics Garden comes with the entire system - ready to go & no assembly required!

  • The tank & garden top - food and pet safe!
  • Air pump to bring your nutrients up and oxygenate the water
  • 5 pots with pebbles (from which the plants will grow)
  • Organic seeds (mixture of various herbs)
  • Fish food and water conditioners to get started right away
Just add water & fish and watch your system take off! Our goal was to make this incredibly intuitive and easy to setup!

Who We Are
2 Recent College Grads On a Mission to Help People Grow Their Own Food at Home

Help Bring This to Life - Pledge Today
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  1. How many fish can I keep? The industry standard is 1" of fish for 1 gallon of water. This is a 3 gallon tank, so you can have 1 larger 3" fish, or a few smaller 1" fish. If you'd like to host other types of fish, the system will allow it, but you should transfer them out to a larger tank when they grow in size.
  2. What kind of fish can I put in my tank? Many types will work well, but we highly recommend some ornamental fish like Bettas, cloud fish, danios, or small goldfish. These are some of the easiest fish to keep, but depending on your expertise, you can keep others!
  3. How big is the unit? It's roughly 10" wide, by 11" high, by 6" deep - smaller than your average toaster oven! The tank itself holds 3 gallons of water. When empty, it's super-light, just a few pounds!
  4. What is it made out of? We are finalizing the exact materials, but are exploring various combinations of recycled plastics, acrylic, and glass.
  5. Can I grow flowers in my system? Absolutely!!
  6. How many different types of plants can I grow? There are 5 "pots" to plant in, and you pick and choose what combo of plants to grow in them as you please! Five of the same, or one of each. You can get creative!
  7. Does it need sunlight - I thought fish don't like sun? We recommend putting the tank right next your window, with the back up against a wall. That way there's no direct light coming into your tank, but at the same time, enough ambient sunlight to help the plants grow. If you'd like to place the kit right against a window, we suggest just placing a backer against the back clear panel to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the tank (which can cause algae growth!) We're working on finding the best tint for the back right now.
  8. 8) Can I grow year-round? Yes! If it's too cold though for the fish you choose or you don't have proper light in the winter, we suggest investing in some inexpensive water-heaters and grow-lights to guarantee consistent growth! We'll have our favorite suggestions on our site, and links to buy them, when we are reading to ship in late February.
  9. 9) Can I use my own seeds? Absolutely! We don't believe in the pricey subscription model when it comes to food! You don't need to buy any special replacement pre-seeded pods from us - use your own seeds!


Some of the challenges that we are currently working to solve and create the best possible solutions for are below. We will constantly be updating our Kickstarter community as we learn more and make decisions on the below areas.

Some manufacturing challenges:
  1. Keeping costs down on the accessory inputs: Manage costs by getting many of the additional inputs donated for free. We are looking to partner with various suppliers of fish food and water conditioners to offer starter kits for free with our Aquaponics Garden. By keeping their brand on these starter packs, it'll expose their brand to many more customers and make up for the donation of the starter packs. These relationships are still being finalized, and there is a risk of added costs if we cannot make these happen.
  2. Manufacturing of the Pot: We are still determining how the actual pot will be manufactured - will it be one injected molded pot, or 3 different parts sonic welded together (a U shaped piece) with a clear front and back panel. Although the separate pieces will look cleaner and offer more precise angles, it is more expensive. We are working with our manufacturer to understand the capability of their equipment to create the product in one pot-shaped unit and hopefully maintain quality and keep price down.
  3. Sustainability - we are looking into the best options to use entirely recycled plastic or glass. This is still being finalized and maintaing a low cost will be a challenge for these two solutions. We'll be constantly updating the KS community as we work on this!
  4. Time-line: We are confident here as we have a partner locally that has already committed to being able to manufacture this - which would reduce the months of time wasted in shipping by using foreign manufacturers.
  5. Colored Kits - we are still finalizing the exact way the colored/tinted back panel will be applied to the clear back - through an adhesive or a hook-mechanism. The problem with the adhesive has been being able to easily remove it if a customer wants to change the color. The hanging method adds more parts/tooling and drives the cost up.
  6. Etching - the exact font size of how big the names will be (for the LIFETIME LEGACY reward) is being finalized - there is a challenge/balance of having names be small enough to fit more names/make it accessible to more and big enough where it can be etched and readable. We will keep you informed!!

Leave a comment with any other questions!


Alejandro and Nikhil


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