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The BioBricks Foundation SB6.0:The Sixth International Meeting on Synthetic BiologyJuly 9-11, 2013 at Imperial College, London, UK

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Biotechnology in the public interest

July 9-11, 2013 | Imperial College, London, UK

Imperial College, London
The BioBricks Foundation SB6.0 Conference is made up of plenary and workshop sessions over three days. Each day will begin at 8 am, sessions will conclude by 6 pm followed by poster sessions on day one and two.

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Digital Conference

Registration for SB6.0 in London has sold out. However, registration for the SB6.0 Digital Conference is open. The Digital Conference will provide high-quality professional videos of all three days of conference sessions. Click here to find out more and register.

SB6.0 has sold out with 750 attendees from 43 countries around the world! You can expect to meet friends and colleagues from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Congo, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States.

Digital Conference
Registration for SB6.0 in London has sold out. However, registration for the SB6.0 Digital Conference is open. The Digital Conference will provide high-quality professional videos of all three days of conference sessions within hours of the actual sessions. A live Internet-based video feed of all sessions in the main lecture hall will be provided free to conference attendees and to the public. The high-quality professional videos will be available only through paid registration. Find out more and register for the SB6.0 Digital Conference.

New speakers have been added to the line-up and Lightning Talk speakers have been confirmed.

The full program and schedule will be announced one month prior to the conference.

Find out more program details.

The conference program is taking shape and we are eager to tell you about many interesting people and topics you will see at SB6.0.

Full program details and schedule will be published here one month prior to the conference.

Conference sessions will begin at 9 am and conclude at 6 pm each day. Poster sessions will be 6 – 8 pm on Tuesday, July 9 and Wednesday July 10. On closing day, Thursday July 6, a closing party will be at a nearby campus establishment.

  • Systematic Engineering design vs biological complexity
  • Design and synthetic biology: connecting people and technology
  • Lightning talks
  • Materials
  • Human health
  • Modeling as a tool for abstraction for an end
  • Living Foundries
  • Education and training
  • Standards
  • Biocontainment and risk
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Translating Technology, Transcending Industrialisation
  • CAD and EDA
  • Plants
  • Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Measuring/Building/Editing
  • Toward global health

Speakers, panelists and moderators:
  • Christina Agapakis
  • Jim Ajioka
  • Adam Arkin
  • Geoff Baldwin
  • Wiebe Bijker
  • Matthew Chang
  • Jason Chin
  • King Chow
  • Lionel Clark
  • Jim Collins
  • Junbiao Dai
  • Lord Ara Darzi
  • Paulo Paes de Andrade
  • Victor de Lorenzo
  • Domitilla Del Vecchio
  • Douglas Densmore
  • Martin Fussenegger
  • Michele Garfinkel
  • Daisy Ginsberg
  • Marcus Graf
  • Matthew Harsh
  • Jim Haseloff
  • Philipp Holliger Farren Isaacs
  • Alfonso Jaramillo
  • Roman Jerala
  • Gyoo Yeol Jung
  • Linda Kahl
  • Jay Keasling
  • Radha Krishnakumar
  • Steve Laderman
  • Sang Yup Lee
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Tim Lu
  • Vitor Martins dos Santos
  • Debra Mathews
  • Birger Lindberg Moller
  • Ricardo Morbidoni
  • Milan Mrksich
  • Sarah Munro
  • Richard Murray
  • Alfred Nordmann
  • Carlos Olguin
  • Anne Osbourn
  • Qi Ouyang
  • Richard Owen Sven Panke
  • Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Fiona Raby
  • Kent Redford
  • Sarah Richardson
  • Maria Mercedes Roca
  • Hans Roubus
  • Herbert Sauro
  • Eran Segal
  • Reshma Shetty
  • Pam Silver
  • Christina Smolke
  • Guy-Bart Stan
  • Molly Stevens
  • Tetsuro Toyoda
  • Kathleen Vogel
  • Chris Voigt
  • Wilfried Weber
  • Hans Westerhoff
  • Jamey Wetmore
  • David Willetts
  • Xu Xun

More confirmed speakers and the full program will be announced as the conference approaches.

Lightning Talk Speakers:

  • Hal Alper
  • Jerome Bonnet
  • Yizhi Cai
  • Yvonne Chen
  • Le Cong
  • John Dueber
  • Maiko Furubayashi
  • Daniel Goodman
  • Joao Guimaraes
  • Patrick Guye
  • Narjeskhatoon Habibi
  • Jennifer Hallinan
  • Premkumar Jayaraman
  • Kil-Kwang Kwon
  • Joshua Leonard
  • Sierin Lim Connor Lynch
  • Andreja Majerle
  • Piers Millett
  • Ron Milo
  • Evan Olson
  • Darren Platt
  • Arthur Prindle
  • Ingrid Pultz
  • Ithai Rabinowitch
  • Krishna Ravi Srinivas
  • Daria Solovyeva
  • Pasquale Stano
  • Danielle Tullman-Ercek
  • Jiangyun Wang
  • Ilse Wiame
  • Peng Yin

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