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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

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July 11, 2013

The PBS online series Off Book recently looked at artificial intelligence and asked experts Gary Marcus, Robin Hanson and others about how it may evolve into the future and possibly merge with humanity.

Artificial intelligence is an ever evolving goal for researchers, and the object of endless fascination for writers, filmmakers, and the general public. But despite our best science fiction visions, creating digital intelligence is incredibly difficult.

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The universe is a very complicated place, and humans have had millions of years to evolve the ability to navigate and make sense of it. Contemporary attempts to create AI have us looking more at how our own brains work to see how a computer could simulate the core activities that create our intelligence.

No matter how we get there, it is certain that artificial intelligence will have tremendous impact on our society and economy, and lead us down a path towards evolving our own definitions of humanity.

Produced by PBS Off Book, the video features, Ernest Davis, Department of Computer Science, NYU; Yann LeCann, Center for Data Science, NYU; Robin Hanson, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford; and Gary Marcus, Department of Psychology, NYU.

Off Book is a web-original series from PBS Arts that explores cutting edge arts and the artists that make it. Episodes range from video games to typography, internet memes to steampunk culture.


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