sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014

Synthetic biology - what should we be vibrating about?: Drew Endy at TEDxStanford

Drew Endy is an associate professor of bioengineering and member of the faculty of the Center for International Security and Cooperation. Drew Endy helped start the newest engineering major, bioengineering, at both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford. His research teams pioneered the redesign of genomes and invented the transcriptor, a simple DNA element that allows living cells to implement Boolean logic. In 2013, President Barack Obama recognized Endy for his work with the BioBricks Foundation to bootstrap a free-touse language for programming life. He has been working with designers, social scientists and others to transcend the industrialization of nature, recently co-authoring Synthetic Aesthetics (MIT Press, 2014).

Jun 5, 2014

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