viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

Trap Light, Save Energy

Trap Light uses high temperature pigments
Each lamp is produced in Murano Glass
The form is created using a wooden mould
Each lamp is individually blown
The pigment is embedded between layers of glass
Final checks during blowing
Straight from the mould
The Trap Light Collection
Cage detail
Cage detail
Trap Light uses LED light bulbs
Ambient light from the photoluminescent glass
Trap Light is the result of an exciting collaboration between Gionata Gatto (Pedalator, Urban Buds) and Mike Thompson (Latro, Blood Lamp), proposing a radical new approach to lighting design. By utilising photoluminescent pigments to capture escaping light, Trap Light converts waste energy back into visible light. 

Photoluminesence is a process in which energy absorbed by a substance is gradually released as light. Using the Murano glass blowing technique, the designers were able to embed photoluminescent pigments into the glass body of the lamp. Through this process, Trap Light becomes both shade and light source, emitting, absorbing, and re-emitting light. 30 minutes ‘charge’ of recycled light from a traditional incandescent or LED light bulb provides up to 8 hours of ambient lighting

With Trap Light, the designers illustrate, that by taking a fresh approach to traditional production methods and existing materials, they can create an engaging, new lighting experience whilst making the most of energy.

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