lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Thompson Innovation: The ONE is here (IP Searching Tool)

Search smarter
Adieu truncations, Boolean operators, classification codes and patent jargon.
With the patent-pending Smart Search, everybody gets to be an expert.
Just type and click. No training required and no one chasing you for help.

Reach further
No one else covers more Asian patents and integrates enhanced with first-levelpatent data. Today we add Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and PCT applications filed in Chinese.

Analyze quicker
How do you effectively deal with the large patent data sets and what are they telling you exactly? Power up your analytics with next-gen ThemeScape maps and the enhanced Thomson Data Analyzer.

Recycle searches
As an expert, you don't just run a search once and then forget about it. The new Search History helps you look up and get more out of your previous work.
Easily update past results and queries without leaving the screen.

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ORIGINAL: Thompson Reuteres Innovation

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