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TellSpec: What's in your food?

A revolutionary hand-held device that tells you the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in your food.

How does it work?
brings together laser spectroscopy, nanophotonics, and a unique mathematical algorithm in a revolutionary hand-held consumer device that can analyze the chemical composition of any food in less than 20 seconds.

The TellSpec handheld device beams a low-powered laser at the food you wish to analyze, measures the reflected light with a spectrometer, and sends the data via your smart phone, computer, or tablet to TellSpec’s servers in the cloud. Those servers use this data to deduce information about your food that is of interest to you. This information is then displayed on your computer, tablet or smart phone so you can intelligently decide if you want to buy or eat the food.


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TellSpec's CEO and CTO show a live demo of the TellSpec's food analysis algorithm.

A message from Dr Stephen Watson, TellSpec's CTO:

A message from Isabel Hoffmann, TellSpec's CEO:

TellSpec in the News:

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