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IBM's Watson Personality Insights service

How it works
Personality Insights extracts and analyzes a spectrum of personality attributes to help discover actionable insights about people and entities, and in turn guides end users to highly personalized interactions
The service outputs personality characteristics that are divided into three dimensions: 
While some services are contextually specific depending on the domain model and content, Personality Insights only requires a minimum of 3500+ words of any text.
Intended UsePersonality Insights is great for brand analytics and can help measure a brand's personality and compare/contrast with your customers personalities. It can also help with market segmentation and individualizing marketing campaigns or promotions. Personality Insights can also be used to help recruiters or university admissions match candidates to companies or universities. Overall, Personality Insights individualizes customer care and infers personality traits to drive a more tailored response.

YOU INPUT:JSON, or Text or HTML (such as social media, emails, blogs, or other communication) written by one individual

SERVICE OUTPUT:A tree of cognitive and social characteristics in JSON or CSV format
The IBM Watson™ Personality Insights service provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables applications to derive insights from social media, enterprise data, or other digital communications. The service uses linguistic analytics to infer personality and social characteristics, including 
from text. 

These insights help businesses to understand their clients' preferences and improve customer satisfaction by anticipating customer needs and recommending future actions. Businesses can use these insights to improve client acquisition, retention, and engagement, and to strengthen relations with their clients.

You can see a quick demo of the Personality Insights service in action. The demo lets you analyze input text to develop a personality portrait for the author of the text. The applications 
  • Speak Up, 
  • NYC School Finder, and 
  • Your Celebrity Match 
on the Watson Developer Cloud App Gallery also demonstrate the Personality Insights service.

We are always looking to improve and learn from your experience with our services. You can submit comments or ask questions about Personality Insights in the Watson forum. You can also read posts about Watson services that are written by IBM researchers, developers, and other experts on the Watson blog

Specifically, you might want to look at
The Personality Insights service is generally available (GA). For information about the pricing plans available for the service, see thePersonality Insights service in Bluemix.

Developing a Personality Insights application
  • To begin working with the Personality Insights service by creating and running applications that communicate with the service, see the following sections:
  • To create and run an example Node.js application that works with the service from the command line, see Watson Quick Start for Node.js.
  • To create and run a sample Node.js application that works with the service from a web browser, see Developing a Watson application in Node.js. You need the link to the source code for the Node.js application at the personality-insights-nodejs repository in the watson-developer-cloudnamespace on GitHub.
  • To create and run a sample Java application that works with the service from a web browser, see Developing a Watson application in Java. You need the link to the source code for the Java application at thepersonality-insights-java repository in the watson-developer-cloud namespace on GitHub.
  • For the sample applications available from GitHub, you can download a .zipfile that contains the source code or, if you are familiar with Git, fork the repository into your Git namespace or clone it to your local system. To learn about Git or to download Git for your operating system, see
  • For a language-independent introduction to working with Watson Developer Cloud services and Bluemix, see Developing Watson applications with Bluemix. That page provides an overview of working with Watson services with the Bluemix web interface, the Eclipse IDE, or the Cloud Foundry command-line tool.

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