miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

Stefan Hell (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014): STED - Insights into the nanoworld

Ok, so do you wonder what all the fuss is about with the Chemistry Nobel Prize this year : ) -? If so, this film will do the trick & tell you all about it! A quick introduction of Max Planck researcher Stefan Hell & and his pioneering work in the field of ultra-high resolution fluorescence microscopy.

Optical microscopes cannot distinguish between objects that are closer together than about 200 nanometers – about one two hundredth of a hair's breadth. The reason for this is the wave nature of light, the half wavelength of which roughly corresponds to those 200 nanometers. The STED microscopy developed by Stefan Hell is the first optical microscope technology to go beyond this magic barrier, enabling researchers to gain fascinating insights into the nanoworld.

ORIGINAL: What's The Big Deal

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